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Minimum Charges Apply:
£60 - £120

Minimum Charges Apply:
£100 - £150

Charges Apply:

Charges Apply:

Charges Apply:

Charges Apply:

Service or Package Booking

  • How do you calculate the transit time from UK-Ghana?
    At Imperial Shipping Specialist Ltd, we like to put decision making in the hands of our customers hence, the guaranteed 4-6 weeks transit starts on the day we receive payment for your shipment.
  • How do I book for a collection?
    You can book your collection via our website, phone or email. To book via the website, please visit To book on phone, please call 00447541979754 or 00447518513308 To book via email, please send your request to
  • How should I package my shipment to Ghana?
    We strongly advise against the use of Amazon boxes and storage facility boxes for door-to-door shipping, as these boxes are not strong enough for shipping. At your request, we can supply durable double wall boxes at a fee.
  • Are there any goods I cannot ship?
    For a list of Prohibited Goods, please see below Aerosols (Prohibited for Air Freight Only) Ammunition, magazines and bayonets Articles of exceptional value Banderols/tax stickers Batteries (Prohibited for Air Freight Only) Bearer form negotiable instruments Bullion Butane lighters Clinical and medical waste Contraband or illegal substances Corrosive substances Counterfeit currency, bank notes and postage stamps Counterfeit goods Currency Dual use items (goods, software or technology that can be used for both civilian and military applications) Drugs - including all over-the-counter, prescription and legal drugs as well as illegal drugs / narcotics Dry ice E-cigarettes and other battery-powered portable electronic smoking devices Environmental waste Explosives and ammunition Firearms and accessories, including replicas Flammable liquids Flammable solids Furs Gas masks and gas mask filters Gases Growth hormone (human or animal) Human remains Indecent, obscene or offensive material Infectious substances Legal or illegal highs Living creatures Living plants or organisms Lock picking devices Lottery tickets Matches of any kind Military and police equipment Military and police training materials and equipment Military, police and government uniforms, badges and ID (real or replica) Official documents (e.g. Passport, Driving license, Certificate of Incorporation, etc.) including both genuine and fake documents Oxidising substances and organic peroxide Pathogens Perfumes and aftershaves (Prohibited for Air Freight Only) Pesticides Poisonous (toxic) and infectious substances Poisons Pornography Precious metals and stones Printer cartridges (Prohibited for Air Freight Only) Radioactive materials Real or imitation firearms, parts thereof Rifle scopes, laser pointing and aiming devices for firearms Sharp instruments Solvent-based paints and inks Stun guns and tasers Thermal imaging, infra-red or other night vision devices Tobacco and tobacco products Tear gas, mace and pepper spray UN2814 or UN2900 Unidentified substances or items that in our opinion could be any of the other items on this list Water-based paints and inks Weapons
  • What is the maximum weight and dimensions?
    In line with UK Health and Safety Standards, packages shall not exceed 25kg for manual handling. Manc Global Logistics reserves the right to reject shipments for which any single package exceeds 25kg (or 50kg for a two-man lift).
  • Do you collect from my city?
    Yes, we collect across the UK where there is enough volume to justify a free collection. For towns and villages outside our main service areas, we are happy to quote for a 3rd-party to collect on our behalf. This comes at an additional cost.
  • What is an FAQ section?
    An FAQ section can be used to quickly answer common questions about you or your business, such as “Where do you ship to?”, “What are your opening hours?” or “How can I book a service?” It’s a great way to help people navigate your site and can even boost your site’s SEO.
  • What is a double wall box?
    Double wall boxes are manufactured with two layers of honeycomb, providing a sturdy and ridgid protection for your valuables. Depending on how much cardboard is used in the production process, double wall boxes come in Standard Density (SD), High-Density (HD) and Super High-density (SHD) finishes. At Imperial Shipping Specialist Ltd, our boxes are specifically designed to Super High-density (SHD) standards, to withstand multiple handling during transit and delivery.
  • Can I shrink wrap my shipment?
    We encourage shippers to package their shipments to the best of their ability. Shrink wrapping your shipment adds a secondary layer of protection for your goods which we recommend. At your request, we can shrink wrap packages from £10 per item, depending on the size of the item.
  • How will I know if my shipment has arrived?
    A few days before vessel arrival at the Port of Tema, we will send you an email with the expected arrival date. This is usually within 4-6 weeks from your payment receipt date. Once the vessel has arrived, the container will be processed through Customs formalities and all import duties and other local handling charges will be paid on your behalf. Recipients are also notified via SMS on the phone numbers provided at pickup, to confirm the address and arrange delivery accordingly.
  • My recipient has travelled. What are my optons?
    If we are unable to contact your recipient upon goods arrival in Ghana, we will contact you (the shipper) for further instructions. You can provide an alternative recipient within the same region. If the new recipient is located in a different region, we may charge the difference between the original delivery region and the new delivery region (if any).
  • Do you cover the whole of Ghana?
    We deliver to almost every part of Ghana with our own vans or in partnership with a 3rd-party logistics company. For towns and cities inaccessible by road, we will contact the recipient to either collect from the nearest regional transportation centre or meet our delivery team at a convenient location for delivery to be made.
  • Do I get a receipt for payments?
    Yes, a receipt of payment is sent to your email address the moment we receive payment in our account. Please note, this is an automated system and may take up to 60mins before a receipt is issued. Please contact us if payment receipt has not been received within 60 minutes of making payment.
  • Is payment required at collection?
    Payment is required on the day of collection. Our collections team will issue an invoice for your shipment and send a copy to your email. From your email, you can view your invoice with our payment details. Your invoice will have our sort code and account number as well as a link to complete payment online, if preferred. Please note, shipment are dispatched on a first paid, first despatched basis. Our standard transit time of 4-6 weeks starts from the payment receipt date.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept payment via bank transfer and online card payments. We able to accept cash at collection as well.
  • Can I pay for my shipment in Ghana
    Yes, only if you are a customer based in Ghana. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept payments in Ghana from customers based in UK unless under specific agreement established between us. All payments must be made in the UK through bank transfers or online, on our secure payment page.
  • Do you charge for your Customs and VAT services?
    Our Customs and VAT services fall under our Value-added Services and there is a charge for each service requested. For our current charges for issuing documents, please email
  • Do you charge VAT on export charges?
    Export charges are liable for VAT however, these fall under the category of zero-rated charges, in terms of VAT. On your shipping invoice, we specify a VAT rate of 0% which means VAT has been applied at a rate of 0% which effectively means you have not been charged VAT on your export charges. Please bear in mind that certain activities, in connection with export activities may be liable to VAT charges. For further information on this, please visit HMRC Guidelines VAT Notice 744B
  • What is a VAT Refund?
    VAT reclamation or a VAT refund is the repayment of the VAT component of all commercial goods and purchases exported outside the EU & UK. This is usually repaid to the buyer of goods, usually stated on the commercial invoice as the "Sold to:" address. It is important to note that this is strictly controlled by HMRC and documentation of any non-payment or refund should follow HMRC guidelines. VAT component of any purchase can be refunded by your supplier or through quarterly VAT filings, for UK VAT-registered companies.
  • How much would I be charged for my packages?
    Prices differ according to sizes and net value to the items being shipped. Please check on website for detailed pricelist and where further clarification is required, do contact us on 07541979754 or 07518513308.
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