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Journey To Self Actualisation

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Ever wondered why we seem to form opinions on what actualisation and fulfilment really means and yet so vastly differ from one person to another in life? In a poll of five members of the same family, a simple question of what actualisation was, was asked and everyone of them had a divergent view on what it actually meant. In our quest to be self fulfilled in life, we have had to persuade ourselves on what will either cause us to be appreciated as a result of social pedigree or satisfying the expectations placed on us by superiors. Many of us pursue dreams that look fulfilling in the eyes of people around us but never satisfying to ourselves. This often than not forces us to loose sight of what self actualisation leads to as well as what a fulfilled life really means and feels. Are you living a life in the shadow of what is expected of you or is it something you know is embedded in your gene to offer as a unique quota at making this world much better place than you came to meet.

The journey to self actualisation starts with taking a cause of action that is not subjective but one that unearths a meaningful path that leads to an innovative concept at establishing a brand that no one can achieve the same way as you would. It may not look very unique in your sight but people will testify of its uniqueness because the idea would vastly differ from similar once around.

What is it that has been a burden of yours over the years and hope to unearth? have you thought about how beneficial it will be for society and the greater good? The inner joy to know that you indeed gave birth to this seed to be of greater good to the world, thus making it a better place than you came to meet often settles it all.

Let not wealth be the driving force to our ambitions and fulfilment. Rather, the wisdom to differentiate between actualisation and social pedigree.

The road to self actualisation is a lonely one and usually misty but the end thereof is a glorifying and gratifying one.

It is one that may not be wealth motivated but will certainly leave you richer that you have ever wished for. But most importantly, one that will leave you accomplished in your own right and all will testify of it because your unique contribution to humanity would blow the minds of the elite in society and the so called game changers.

Pause and reflect on these, for only by so doing would you make amends where need be and achieve self actualisation in its fullest.

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